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Dominick Rapone Sr. and DominicK Rapone Jr.
Dominick J. Rapone Sr. and Dominick J. Rapone Jr.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Dominick J. Rapone Sr. and his two sons Dominick J. Rapone Jr. and Henry A. Rapone... With their dream, they created the Hauppauge Country Club Golf Course on long Island New York.

Dominick Rapone Jr. had approached his father with his dream of an 18-hole golf course. In 1959, both father and sons had corralled Louis Bright and purchased the 144 acre Zorn's Turkey Farm. Dominick Rapone Jr. had promised his wife that in less than a few years Hauppauge county club golf course would be "on the map." His dream developed, landing a mark on that map and the loyalty and hearts of new members. In less than a year, by mid-1960, the Hauppauge country club sat high on a hill overlooking the first 9 holes with the pride of a promise fulfilled.

Other people who were there from the beginning were golf pro Frank Sposato, Al Nocito, Big Joe, Mel Lumbra, Lonnie Capobianco, Phil Pine, Walter Beck, Joe Vallone, Moon and many many more. We will be updating soon with more Long Island, NY History about the Hauppauge Country Club Golf Course with pictures and more information about this beautiful Golf Course that time has forgot.

Hauppauge History includes Hauppauge Village Hall, Carvel Ice Cream, Hubie Burger Hamburgers, Pal Pools, Hauppauge Shopping Center, Hills Supermarket, Charles and Sons, Hauppauge Movie Theater, Robert Hall, Chicken Delight, Buster Brown Shoes, House of Pets, Mid Island, Hauppauge High School, Waldbaum's, Kenners Drugs, Barbato's Yellow Top Farm Stand, Green Gates Park, Blydenburgh Park, Forest Brook Elementary School are just some of the few place that were around The Hauppauge Country Club.

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Shared Memory from Cliff Mulcahy.

I enjoyed reading your reminiscences on HCC. I was a caddie there from 1973 through 1980 and enjoyed riding my bike to the club each weekend morning and sitting with the other caddies and swapping stories. Ralph, the retired cop caddie master and starter was an imposing figure at about 6'3" who would determine whether you went home with a few dollars in your pocket for the day. $6 bucks for one bag and $12 for a double. $20 was the high end for a double loop with tip. The caddies were a colorful bunch. Stretch, Doc, Billy White, John Romano Greg Lavista and a few others were the senior guys. More colorful than the caddies were some of the members, especially the ones who played weekdays with a few body guards. Don't recall their names but they tipped great.

I eventually graduated from the caddie yard and got to work inside with Pat in the locker room and moved into bussing tables and dishwashing at weddings. I believe Frank and his brother Richie ran the catering end of things. Great guys to work with and for.

Loved playing golf on the course as well. Frank Sposato would look the other way if the course was slow and let the caddies play for free mid-week. I can still remember every fairway, green and trap. Walking the course a few hundred times makes an impression. It's been over twenty years since I played it last. Sorry to see the course was carved up but I am grateful for the memories and to the men who had the dream of HCC all those years ago.

Cliff Mulcahy

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